Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Just one of those moments

Today I found out that basically we are equal distance from Japan as we are the UK. Odd really I don't know why it was such a surprise to me yet the whole concept of time and space took me back for a moment, same distance apart roughly and here we sit basically at the end of the world time as it sits! 

Being from the U.K. I always felt I was bang in the middle of it all and technically according to how the time is structured on this planet I was. Now I'm pretty much always at the end of the day, it's random how the small things make a difference but they really do, most things are already done by the time we wake up. All my old friends have already worked a full day and are heading to the pub as I get to work! My oz and Japanese friends are already to bed awake and into the next day!! 

I know this is all rather trivial and obvious but this signpost did make me think. 

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