Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hazelnuts Win - Nut Ranking what's your 1 2 3 ?

Took a trip to a hazelnut farm in Agassiz recently and it was pretty darn good if you're a hazelnut fan like myself. It was all part of the circle farm tours which was great fun, free and self guided!

Basically these nuts are the top of the charts in the worldwide nut ranking system (a system that is renowned and 100% in my head). Second is pistachio and then probably cashew tight for third.

Then the usual rabble follow behind; pecan, peanut, coconut! etc etc probably last is walnut unless with a cheese! So I pondered and wanted to ask the internet, what's you nut ranking? top three in order please.

Anyhow this deli part of the farm had the usual furor of nut based snacks from hazelnut butter to chocco spread (it's like ferrero roche'!). The bar nut version was great and we fully stocked up on my favourite nut. If you're ever in the area do the tour it's worth it and if you love hazelnuts then you only really need to stop here!

Find more info on the circle farms tours which I highly recommend here 

Map here 

And the nuts are number 2 on the tour 

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