Thursday, May 16, 2013

SOBO Tofino review

Sobo review, I'll keep it short but sweet - if you like Hazelnuts go here!!

Excellent yam salad (i think it had nuts in too!) and the tofu pockets were top notch. The fish tacos were ok but i'm not a huge fish taco eater so maybe i'm not the best judge!

The duck and hazelnut pizza too rich and oily for my liking but my fullness could have been a factor to my enjoyment! It needed more balsamic to cut thorough the richness, thankfully the excellent staff provided. We finished with a hazelnut chocco cookie, which my wife enjoyed and would recommend.

Service was great, atmosphere was great, all in all a nice little spot for lunch while on holiday.

I think we ate more hazelnuts in one sitting than the rest of the year combined! lucky we like hazelnuts

Fish taco

Delicious yam salad

Superb Tofu pockets

Duck and Hazelnut pizza

Jumbo Cookies
Sobo on Urbanspoon

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