Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sexist Purex Advert - "women know your limits"

Am I the only one appalled with this toilet paper ad currently on air?   

My gripe is how this portrays women.

It's sexist to both men and women, men that they are not involved in 'homemaking' to use a possibly a demeaning term (sorry).

For women it is on two fronts 1) it’s their job to do the shopping and be the homemaker and 2) that it's right/normal for people to shout at them in a whining/barking way if something in their house is not to their liking.

Really have we not evolved to respect each other more??

Coming next from Purex "get back in the kitchen and make my dinner woman" !

Reminds me of the excellent Harry Enfield comedy sketch


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