Friday, March 8, 2013

Smokers need not apply

Not sure how I feel about this.

I was browsing the pretty funky site looking for some web design inspiration and noticed something in their jobs section, under the personal traits for a particular job…this one ……

They listed


  • Positive outlook on life and career
  • Ambitious + high achiever
  • Jumping-out-of-your-pants enthusiastic
  • Thirsty for personal growth
  • Appreciates good energy
  • Kind
  • LOVES people
  • Gets her/his high from high-fives
  • Non-smoker
  • Craves doing things their way, experiment, learn from mistakes, grow
  • Enjoys sports and leads a healthy lifestyle
  • Recycles
While I liked the youthful/creative approach to the job description and in particular this section, the one point that stood out like a sore thumb was Non-Smoker.

Everything else was about positive things and the good in the people, this one point was just very judgemental, in my judging opinion (yes I see the irony!). So if someone smoked they are out of the running? Are you even allowed to put this in a job posting? what about other things? No drug takers – no swingers - no pyromaniacs, the list could and possibly should go on if we are now saying it’s ok to request non-demographics of a personal preference.

The notion that you can judge a person by the fact they smoke disappoints me.
I used to smoke, does that mean that I used to be bad but now I am ok as a person/employee? Are the other qualities exclusive to non-smokers, Can I smoke and also LOVE people? Is smoking such a negative trait that I wouldn’t wait to associate with people because of it. Perhaps it disappoints me so much because I am disappointed in myself for smoking before and I don’t like others taking an opinion of me?

I know people state this elsewhere for example a rental listing, which makes sense, smoke stinks gets into things turns them yellow. To that logical extent why would you want a smoker working with you? passively killing you with their habit! Smoking is a selfish act by the smoker which affects others without them having a choice about it. So why shouldn’t the non-smokers have a choice about it??? 

It really does make logical sense,
I guess……………..…hmmmm…………..I might be converted here in my own conclusions.

Perhaps I’m being too harsh. I completely understand preferences and hey it’s their company, their position and they are paying money for it so they can do what they want!

I think I may be too judgemental but it resonates with something unnecessarily negative for me, something I can’t quite put my finger on!

Do we (as a society) say “no clinically obese people” allowed to apply in a Gym staff job description? Of course not (well perhaps they do in Canada? Sorry new immigrant here!).

So is it ok to say non-smoker? For me I’m afraid it’s still a no, illogical or not.

Does it matter if they smoke or not? To me no and I mean really, does it need to be stated in the job description?

..................................just fail them at the interview! (sarcasm)

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