Monday, January 21, 2013

Sun Sui Wah - Dim sum review

 Sui mai - not bad, the Bing shing/Prince seafood ones were better.  

Very nice garlic shrimp spring roles and the deep fried taro was good.

 My favourite of the lunch was the excellent fried chive dumplings, Well flavour cooked perfectly I could have eaten 10 of those and been happy! Not so great were the fried regular dumplings, the filling was a little flavourless. As for the donut rice roll don't try the peanut sauce it was terrible, the roll itself wasn't bad and with the plum was nice but the peanut/sesame sauce was very bad.

 Baked pork pastry was pretty standard, it's really not my kind of thing but I can't fault it based on my preference so good if you like that sort of thing!

 The mushroom and pea tip vegetable dish was simple but tasty it could have done with some more chopping up as the mushroom was rather large (I'm not complaining!) but it was hard to serve and share.
Overall it's not a bad place to stop for a bite to eat, the price was a little higher than the regular so I wouldn't say it was particularly good value for the money. The dishes were nice but only the grilled chive dumpling stood out for me so it's probably not one we will be rushing back to. Service was sporadic but that's standard for dim sum unless you know the owners! and the layout/decor was pretty standard too. So good effort, not particularly wowed or dismayed, I've had better I've have worse 6/10.  

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