Monday, October 8, 2012

Debt do us part

So I had the misfortune of tuning into this TV program this morning and was shocked to see the advice being given out.

They had a couple who had between them took 5 extra years to complete Uni racking up 60k in debt which they hadn't made any effort to pay off. They lived in the parents basement paid bugger all, spent more than they earned and bought 3k bikes (lots of them).  The expert advice was to declare bankruptcy as the interest was too high on the student loan.

So this is what we are advising people from the experts!!

Take no responsibility.
No accountability.
No effort to even try to pay it off.

Ridiculous, this is how the western world has a massive recession,  people spending money they didn't have and then not being accountable for it.

I have a big student loan, all of my own doing and never ever would I consider declaring bankruptcy than pay it off. Now experts on TV are advising it because it's easier than working hard and having to deal with the consequence of borrowing vast amounts of money you can't afford.

Have some integrity people if you borrow it pay it the fuck back! Life isn't easy, but others work hard to honor their debts you should to.
So you have to live hard for a few years that's what you have to do to have your fancy cars, houses or 5 years extra dicking around at Uni for your life studies degree, fine have it but pay back your debt don't weasel out on a loophole.

Do your part, be a good citizen of which ever part of this world you live in and contribute to your society by paying back what you owe.

You know it's the right thing to do.

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    I should note that a Twitter friend mentioned this isn't usually the case so my apologies for jumping the gun! must have just been that episode I watched