Saturday, September 1, 2012

Top Gun Hot Pot Review

So here is another one I'm not sure about, was it tasty yes, I'm a big fan of simple things as generally they are better so hot pot is right up my street if the quality of the ingredients are good and this place was.

So let me start with the review part before I start my moan, food was great, service was relatively prompt although we didn't appreciate being rushed as they seemed to shut up shop by 10pm and we got there at 9 but our fault I guess.  Decor is poor...perhaps that's too harsh, below basic, but all of this is overlooked for the tasty food.

Most things we had were good, personal favorites would be the sliced beef, winter melon and the prawns, if we go again this is all I will have as the prawns are stunning. The won tons were good and the different varieties of ball were to their credit home made (I presume) if a little lacking in consistency. The other seafood we had was the standard frozen fair and I cant really complain. I would skip the tofu unless you are a huge fan as it's pretty standard and I think the general rule for hot pot is avoid the noodles as they are nothing to write home about and just fill up good prawn space. Finally on the food side make sure you leave room for the coconut pudding it's worth the extra space!

However the cynical side in me has a few issues, mainly if you say all you can eat hot pot for $25 on the massive banner outside I don't expect an extra $8 charge for the flipping broth you cook it in. What else am I going to do if I don't want to pay that? there is no choice. That to me is well cheeky and the fact we had to pay it twice for the both of us was insult to injury!
So being prepared to pay a $50 ish bill I ended up with a $75 ish bill for two people.

Now I'm not made of money and this isn't a huge bill but what started out as a meal I enjoyed was soured at the end when the cynic in me gets whacked on charges that change the whole perception of the meal. For $75 I could have bought a hot pot machine all the food we had and had left overs for the week. Either way I would be cooking the thing myself so I'm not getting any difference there.

I know that eating out is always more and I've paid far more eating out and got much less than at this place but at least they are up front about it. Others you happily pay the mark up for ambiance, service, chefs artistry etc and feel happy at the end of the night as you got what you paid for/expected to pay for.

Here you pay the mark up because they don't declare it and that to me is just a bit shady.

The food was great, not much else was and if I thought about going back I think I would save the money, head to t&t, buy the feast and live like a king at home with lots of food extras for the week and a newly acquired hot pot set to enjoy further use. 

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