Saturday, September 1, 2012

Amanda Marshall please close your legs

I presume waist down is akimbo.

I have no idea who this singer is but I randomly saw this album sleeve and it just seemed a rather peculiar photo shoot with pretty much every shot with her legs apart.

I found the one of her holding her ankles and a grin on her face particularly odd.....and while we're there sit on the yellow chair properly!!

Anyway if you know the photographer please let me know if all their shots are the same or if it's Amanda Marshal who perhaps can't close her legs when the camera is on her? 


  1. Amanda Marshall is a semi-famous bluesy-rock singer that had a few hits and is still going strong. Amazingly fabulous voice - shades of love child of Janis Joplin and ? (cant remember what they used to say - robert plant I think?). odd shots indeed. As a photographer I would do a few, not all. The one you like least, I actually like.. kinda inner child thing. I dont like the top photo at all.

  2. Fair play, the yellow one just reminded me of the gassy scene in dumb and dumber when Lloyd is dreaming, perhaps that's the inner child in me!