Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bing Sheng Dim Sum Review

Siu Mai

Scallop and Pea tip

Bean Curd with pork
 So after going to Prince Seafood (our staple dim sum place) on Grandview for weekends at a time we decided to branch out a little and pick off some other dim sum places on the hit list.

And so we landed at Bing (not sponsored by the search engine) Sheng.

Pretty standard place, nice inside and the wait wasn't too bad but in fairness we were late on in the day 1.30. Most dim sum places we have found are crazy from 11.30 - 1.30 and expect a 20 -40 min wait for any table in those times more if you are above 4 people.

So back to the review I put a few picks of what we thought were good, overall this is one of the better dim sum places to go, definitely avoid the one across the road above the T&T, they changed owners and it hasn't been the same since.

Most of the dim sum we tried were good, we got our standard Siu mai which were good big and fresh, the scallop and pea tip dumplings we're really good and we could also recommend the bean curd with pork.
We tried the deep fried tarro balls which weren't to my liking but that could just be a personal preference as i've never tried them before. The only downside was the braised mushroom and veggie dish we got off the back of the menu. it was a poor selection of the cheapest mushrooms with only enoki and standard white mushrooms as far as we could tell with small bock choi beneath, very disappointing for the price (the one at Prince is way better).

Service could have been better with our assigned waiter preoccupied but the management (guys in suits) were much more attentive and got everything we needed.

Price was decent I think we had around 5 dishes and tea and it topped out at around $35 with tip.

Overall 4/5 as it was better than the standard but definitely lots of room for improvement.

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