Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Profiling at KFC .....no fat people allowed, not even you Colonel!

So I noticed this the other night while waiting for some delicious deep fried chicken!

It seems they have gone to a lot of effort recently to refurb their stores, I'm a big fan of the bold red and black but these wall decals caught my eye for a couple of reasons.

A diverse, young, happy and slim group of people having fun, none of them with any KFC products in sight. Interspliced with mock text messages stating KFC is the place to meet or be.

So KFC wants us to get the impression that KFC customers are young, happy, diverse and technologically advanced (and I'm sure some of them are) but this just doesn't work for me.

The text messages or txt msgs (see I'm still young and cool....well that's the impression I want to give) just don't make sense, what is CYR as an acronym???  I looked it up online (see I'm not young or cool :-( ) and apparently it's internet chat slang so the crossover doesn't quite work for me.
It would be like using hash tags in the text messages, it's just not right.  It just makes me feel like they are even more out of touch trying really hard to be in touch.

Here is my attempt at one in their style:

"Just skateboardin' innit C U l8R @ KFC 4 sum chckn, txt me da deets 4 da mash up"

Anyway moving on...

Secondly and more importantly where are the regular sized and aged people?? they've ticked the ethnically diverse boxes but apparently no fat or regular sized people allowed and this even goes as far the Colonel himself!! Check out the new logo with the old one, they have slimmed down Sanders in favor of the singular chinned whippersnapper.

So it is not OK to be racist but it is OK to be fattest and oldest (is that the right term? ....quick look on Google) sorry ageist.

This just all feels a little hypocritical considering they have built and empire using an older larger person as their figurehead. But now they are making every effort to disassociate themselves with this group. 

Shame on you KFC for not representing the market, your history, take pride in those that have built your empire and been loyal customers.

Happy people could be old, regular sized or large and still convey joy and happiness, it's really sad that you thought to exclude them and your decals look worse for it.

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  1. I had a teenage girl live in my house for two months last summer, swear all texts are in some different language lol!