Monday, June 25, 2012

Pepsi = Crass Bully

Is this the best thing you can say about your product?

The best you can creatively come up with is basically slating your competition!

I very much dislike everything in this advert.

The characterisation of Coke: overweight, broken down, hot (not in the sexy way) and middle aged, getting picked up by the contrasting characterisation of Pepsi: young, cool (in both ways!), with friends and oh so subtly supported by the music which says "Party with the DJ". Please never let me party with this implied DJ as I imagine he is loud, obnoxious, smells of axe and is generally regarded as a cock by all involved.

I know that it is far more common stateside to make comparative and degrading adverts about your competitors like a political smear campaign but really it just looks crass.

This one wasn't much better from last year:
So Pepsi is for jerks then. They drink it then punch you and shout "in your face!".

Hmm no thanks, i'll have a Coke instead please.

I'm sure Coke are laughing all the way to the bank as Pepsi continue the attempted defamation, grow up you look pathetic.

Be proud of who you are and your product, not take cheap shots at others, you seem to have a major brand self-confidence issues.

Stop trying to be the bully to make up for your shortfalls and accept yourself.

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