Wednesday, June 13, 2012

More Mushy Peas Please Vancouver

Since moving here there are lots of little food items I miss from back home, It's not that you can't buy them here its just the little way in which they are served that makes all the a bacon sandwich on cheap white bread with loads of butter and proper brown sauce complimented by a cup of pg tips with about 50 sugars in it even though you only asked for two from a greasy spoon cafe.
But I would have a to say a narrow winner on my food supplementary list would be chip shop mushy peas.

So it was much to my delight we found this place at the weekend, Austin Fish & chips

As you can see by the picture we went a little overboard as they also served rolls so my better half had a chip butty....cos she's northern!

It ended up being our only meal of the day as we skipped brekkie to walk the dog in Coquitlam and found this place, we were stuffed, i'm not sure what you call breakfast lunch and dinner but this was it! there were even leftovers.

A great place to feel like I was back home, cheap and cheerful, proper chips, wonderful staff and a big old bowl of mushy peas YUM!

Next on the list to find: proper steak and kidney puddings (the suet ones) with mash.

Let me know if you find them

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