Thursday, June 14, 2012

Deadrising 2 I hate you

But I want to love you! A game right up my street according to the box, leveling up, combo weapons, lots of zombie killing and driving vehicles to kill zombies with weapons on them. Perfect, even reliving my misspent youth playing Carmageddon. It even got 4.5 out of 5 in some reviews



Was I playing a different game? I feel like Mugatu in Zoolander, have I been taking crazy pills?!!

It takes forever to get around the stupid map, a horrible save system which means you keep going backwards and a terrible story which means you drift from one random section to another. While doing so constantly failing other stories because it take sooooooo long to get around the map.
I gave up trying to complete the story and just went for leveling up but due to the terrible save system I still kept going back due to dying very quickly in inconsistent ways. One bite is 2 bits of life others don't even hurt you?? It also got very boring just killing over and over with no realistic targets everything just respawned.

The graphics are not that good compared to pretty much anything out these days, the vehicles don't handle that well or go that fast and that stupid map I talked about before is badly put together. You can't set way points, areas don't link up well and the arrow guiding you can just head into a dead end so you have to keep checking the map to make sure your on the right direction.

Then there is the load time, in this day and age you would like to think you wouldn't have loads screens between two areas, plenty of games don't so why is does this not only have them but make them the slowest load scenes in the world. It's not as if the zombies are doing complicated fast things in different areas, having just played Infamous this leaves me massively irritated. There (infamous) is an open world with lots of enemies of different types all over a massive world and I have lots of different powers, how can this (Deadrising) game be so bad at integrating things smoothly? 

Perhaps I have missed the point or playing it massively wrong? someone please tell me what I should have been doing? perhaps there was a "be shit game" option at the start that I clicked by accident in the settings.

I just invested about 8 hours trying to get to grips with this game but i'll be ragetrading it shortly.

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