Thursday, June 9, 2011

That’s Annoying

You buy a limited edition 25 year anniversary Mario pack and in their infinite wisdom EB games/Nintendo puts a seal on it that rips the box.
I wanted to keep that box nice being limited edition and anniversary edition, I dare say others feel the same. I bought the game partley because of the anniversary packaging don’t ruin it!

I don’t want to keep harking back to the UK but how come they have developed stickers which will peel off without damaging items yet here you can’t even get the stuff of plastic without a lot of effort or ruining it ?? why make a nice box and packaging if your'e then intending to ruin it??

Wrap it in plastic or something then sticker away by all means.

Final note, if EB games or Nintendo would like to replace the box I would very much welcome it.
I still have faith in customer service, please get in touch....

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