Sunday, May 15, 2011

Giraffes Rock

Went to Vancouver zoo a couple of weekends back. I heard a few people say it was poor but we found it great fun and had a really nice day out. Having been to a fair few zoos back home it was a little different but it had a really good small zoo feel with some great attractions.

Not sure it would be as much fun in the rain but if you like me love animals I would thoroughly recommend a visit as it had much more than I thought it would.

The giraffes were as always...... awesome! Here is one showing the youngster how to strip bark from a twig with its brilliantly long and dexterous tongue. Without a doubt in my mind the best animal on the planet. An oddly beautiful creature that is a great metaphor for evolution. Perfectly adapted to its surroundings.

Giraffes Rock 

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