Monday, February 28, 2011

It's all too complicated

Well nothing in life is easy and blogging for money certain goes into that category.

Not just from a practical ability i.e. being able to write a decent blog (my blog is testament to that!) and being consistent again my apologies but moreover just getting everything to work together in able to get some profit from it. It has taken me ages to get the google account processed and I am still waiting for more steps before they send me the golden cheque. Sure this is in part to my laziness but also the time it take to process the whole system.

Worse than Google though are Amazon, I previously blogged about being an amazon associate and thought this might be quite useful, in reality tho it is not very cost effective as you only get the benefits if the transaction goes all the way through. This is a much bigger ask than just a click and I am sure the rates for this are incredibly low ergo I would be shocked if anyone including commercial companies actually got much from this revenue source. In addition it is even harder to get actual cash from them as it is much easier just to get credit.

So all in all I am still waiting to jump through the next hoop for Google but the hoop seems a little easier to jump than Amazon.

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