Monday, February 28, 2011

Foursquare.........i'm now the Mayor of Bordom

It's probably just me but I'm bored of being the mayor of nothing much and getting even less back.

I loved the idea and at first it was great fun becoming the mayor of stuff and checking in but now the attrition has set in and there just doesn't seem to be enough going on. Perhaps it is down to the geographical uptake of it in Van/Burnaby but apart from being the hypothetical mayor of things it doesn't seem like it is worth checking in, a few places downtown had offers but nothing consistent or worthwhile enough to keep me invested in constantly checking in. I used to like the reviews of places, particularly downtown restaurants but there are enough other things to do that such as Urbanspoon which also helps to pick things better through its interface and has more comprehensive reviews.

I tried to follow companies but it doesn't seem to do anything?? anyone know what I am doing wrong??

For work I am setting foursquare up as I would like to offer our customers offers and being on a campus it should work well. However I signed up for the commercial side of things way back in November and still nothing has arrived. I am sure in America it can be done simply with a call but alas the great white north isn't so lucky.

I will still persevere for work but on a personal level I am sad to say I am out.

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