Sunday, January 9, 2011

Welcome, I am now an Amazon associate, how may I help you?

10 clicks equals about $6 so now the rate per click is around 60 cents which all things considered (I have done very very little!) is pretty good going. Again thanks to the loyal ten clickers your charitable clicks are much appreciated.

Today I made another $1.20 off two clicks so it looks like it might take some time for that slap up meal, to speedy this I decided to join the amazon affiliates feature on blogger so now I can do the following:

 If you want to buy subos latest and greatest why not buy it here!

The amazon affiliates is a nice touch I can imagine it being useful if you are a blogger with loads of followers who avidly following your everyword. A nice way to cash in and its a win win situ for you and amazon. It also feels more like a personal endorsement than the statutory side adverts so I can imagine the follow through is much higher if you do recommend something.

NOTE I am not promoting subo here just illustrating the point!

I do wonder tho if you start filling your blogs with click throughs do the followers feel used and just a revenue or is it a fair trade? Would this stop them from reading a blog? Personally if I read a blog and they ask for the clicks it doesn't cost me anything to click so its pretty much a no brainer to click, if it were a step more would I pay? probably not I am tight, take wikipedia for example I use it loads but I wouldn't donate to the cause. I certainly wouldn't object to a few banner ads on the side of wiki if it facilitated the upkeep, seems like a fair trade to me.

Pop ups on the other hand no chance, quick fire way to ensure I don't return.

Anyway where were we? have I told you about this great new book ....

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