Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tim Horton's - Tim Card

Whats the point of having one?

I get the idea of it as a gift, fine but why else would you turn your perfectly good cash/credit/debit into Tim Horton's Money and then use this to buy things at the same shop?

We have a perfectly good way or paying for things currently, it is called money.

Their advert keeps playing on the radio and I can't figure out the purpose of it? you don't get any discount from using the card so effectively you are doing it to procrastinate.
The ad says 'Get auto top up for your Tims card and never be short'.....I have a much easier solution just pay  normally and never be short.

I get why they want the retention of the customer through the card but what is the customer getting from this...

Kudos in the Que? ..........Big props that guy

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