Friday, January 7, 2011

Monetised blogs

Well I know I am not a proper blogger, I believe the term is reblogger or micro blogger or something like that.

Anyway I signed up for the monetise option on blogger to see if it actually generates anything but I was just wondering if people out there actually do turn an income from this? I have heard of the people who get lots of great free stuff but not so much the stories of cold hard cash being shipped over for advertising on a personal blog.  Would love to know if anyone out there actually turns a decent amount regularly please get in touch.

Of course I have been inundated by the cyber world encouraging me to work from home and that Google will pay out a ton of money but as life has told me over and over if it is too good to be true … is.

I’ll probably need some followers first so as part of this experiment I am going to plaster my site all over the web, befriend all of facebook, change my picture to a sexy girl to get the male vote, #tag the crap out of a few tweets, link in numerous brands Nike, Pepsi, Coke, Microsoft, Virgin (double meaning extra on adwords I hope) so it comes up on analytics, probably throw in some sexual references (tits) as we all know sex sells and fingers crossed I will get thousands of people avidly clicking on my site and then clicking through to the banners, simple isn’t it.

Just with this post ….I’m gonna be rich beyond my wildest dreams ………………………….and shortly be appearing on an annoying internet banner near you!



  1. Dont forget me when you get your hit your jackpot

  2. Who is me? I am sure I won't forget!

  3. Good work DC how do I follow you and your money trail??

  4. Well Dtedious there is a follow blog button on the page if you want to add it to you rss reader? alternatively you can add me to your igoogle hopage by copying the url and adding it to a follow feeder