Saturday, January 15, 2011

International blogger

So checked the stats on the blog while getting rid of that annoying chiticka apologies if you got the annoying pop up, seems I spoke to soon on earlier posts! So back to the stats they are nice and easy to understand, interesting to see where it is being viewed from:

 I'm impressed with the reach, I did open it up to facebook and have a few international friends so perhaps it has come from this, do let me know who if you can claim the country as it is very much appreciated.

I would like to grow this and see if I can spread the reach to make it an all green map, will try tagging missed countries/continents to see if people find the blog from there. I want to get the really obscure ones so if your visiting a strange land make sure you view the blog and help make it green all over. I would be really interested if you can get the Arctic/Antarctic?

Happy travelling


  1. Check you out you international blogger you.

    If it helps,none of them came from me as this is my first nose on here... first nose of many that is, naturally.

  2. Of course mayer of course.

    Now get to Antarctica and look, I want to see if it registers.