Monday, January 10, 2011

The clicks run dry

So back to monetising got up to $6.50 which is pretty good for 11 clicks thank you again but I thought I would give asking people to click a rest and the response is that no one will click unless you prompt them, well I assume of course if you have much larger numbers you will in turn get more people randomly clicking links but in reality what is the conversion rates of the most successful blogs without them prompting? I had a look online and nothing was concrete or clear.

Apparently I shouldn't be talking about this as it contradicts and agreement on AdSense but then it kind of defeats the point of me doing it if I don't talk about it so oh well lets see what happens when it comes to writing the cheque!

Going to try adding Chitika as I saw elsewhere they are worth adding but I have also tried using a few other google kits to drive traffic such as the business listings on places. It is surprisingly easy to set up and I would recommend for all people wanting to set up their own business I have listed myself for free consulting here in Canada as I think it would be a great way to get more experience and as I am new to the Canadian market it would be great way to meet as many people/jobs/opportunity's as possible.

So back to the monetising I will persevere and see if in the long run it pays off, I guess if you can create a blog that would have a practical reason for returns, say a sports results page etc, you could turn a nice return on a inbuilt rss feed with ads built around it.

So as long as you can drive traffic to it, it could be self sufficient couldn't it?... time to get tagging and linking!

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