Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Zomato eh! - haven't done this for a while so just updating the links

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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Cold Brewed Coffee - Coffee Monster

Well I never!

It certainly tastes great, the strangest part being the strength but without any bitterness. 

At $13 dollars a bottle it's the average price for things that are cold pressed/brewed. 

Certainly will be on my shopping list come the hot summer as it makes refreshing and tasty cold coffee drink without the need for sugar and cream. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Just one of those moments

Today I found out that basically we are equal distance from Japan as we are the UK. Odd really I don't know why it was such a surprise to me yet the whole concept of time and space took me back for a moment, same distance apart roughly and here we sit basically at the end of the world time as it sits! 

Being from the U.K. I always felt I was bang in the middle of it all and technically according to how the time is structured on this planet I was. Now I'm pretty much always at the end of the day, it's random how the small things make a difference but they really do, most things are already done by the time we wake up. All my old friends have already worked a full day and are heading to the pub as I get to work! My oz and Japanese friends are already to bed awake and into the next day!! 

I know this is all rather trivial and obvious but this signpost did make me think. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Lion hunting anyone?

In the light of recent current affairs I'm supposed this gaming advert ran albeit a year out of date it seems odd they now chose to advertise and in such a way 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Bandwagon Cometh

Go Canucks go, so the old chant goes, rather a nostalgic one for me as it take me back to when we first moved here in 2010 and then the following riots in 2011. 

Four years on and I can safely say I get the sport a lot more now, I still don't understand a few rules but I enjoy the games much more. Not enough to pay 200 dollars a tickets but let's just say I don't turn over as much. 

So now in 2015 we go back in the playoffs, perhaps we'll win it this time as the expectation is much lower. 
How much has changed in 4 years?? I'm now a husband and father, home and dog owner, I learnt to drive, started my own business and got a permanent residency!

So here's to a wonderful Vancouver, lower mainland and Canada, thanks for having me, it's been a wild ride full of ups and downs, last but not least go Canucks go! 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Homemade aranchi

Well I'm a big fan normally but I must say I think aranchi is best left to the experts as mine while edible and very aesthetic really didn't match up to restaurant quality. I must confess I used the wrong type of rice which is probably a key to the  texture. 

Anyhow if you want to have a go after I've done such a good job of selling it!! Please check out this very comprehensive guide 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Can't remember what I did but......

Gutted to see I've been blocked by a Twitter user and to make it worse it's one of my favourite rib places. 

Why Montanas whhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!! :-(

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Best sandwich in the lower mainland - Mulino Italian Deli - Port Moody

A bold statement but I stand by it!

If you're ever in the area make sure you drop by, it's worth the visit, a very quaint little shop selling excellent aged balsamic, homemade italian parties and biscottis and a wide variety of delicious made on site pastas (they also supply a lot of the local shops with pasta including certain IGA's).  I also bought some pasta and sauces and I highly recommend these too - fresh, rich and creamy, worth stocking up. 

To top all of that they also make the best sandwich i've had in my time here in the lower mainland. the freshly made bread is the perfect amount of chewy and soft, filled with the perfect ratio of cured meats and cheese. All with the perfect amount of green stuff and sauce to balance. 

Pick one up and enjoy the ocean at barnet marine park, you can't get a better combination for a picnic!
.....And while you're there the owner is a lovely guy make sure you have a proper chat about football (soccer to you all!). 

Grazie mille.

Mulino Italian Deli on Urbanspoon

Estrella - Barcelona Beer review

Good stuff, not hoppy, delicious to drink, decent sized can! 

I'll keep it simple.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Red Stag - Cherry Bourbon

Red Stag - Glorious Whiskey

Ignore what appears to be a sweaty thumb! (I was washing my hands!)

Go to the liqour store and buy this stat!

Super sweet and easy to drink (in a good way) not sickly enough to stop after one, enjoyable to the very last drop.


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Moody Ales

Epic find recently in my new hood!

Moody ales follows the recent trend of local craft breweries but I can highly recommend a visit, excellent little tasting room and the chocco oatmeal stout is a new regular for me.

The trip was so good I even went and registered them on urbanspoon! 


Moody Ales on Urbanspoon

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ass-Hat of the day - FedEx

It's rush hour everyone's getting home and this guy couldn't be bothered to park in the car park when delivering a package to the Denny's off north road.

So he parks in the right hand lane where it clearly says no parking around 3 meters from the corner blocking the road and making it really dangerous.

So here's your serving of online fame, well done douchebag your un-thoughtful behavior has lead to me posting.

Next time take two seconds out of your day to park in the proper designated car park like every other decent person does, it was only 10 ft. from where he actually parked but apparently that was too much for this ass-hat.
Regards your fellow rush hour commuters.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A&W Review Agassiz

Just saw this come up on Urbanspoon and I have to wonder who's reviewing a&w's??!!

So I thought I would have a go!!

Do you love A&W? then you'll love this A&W because it's a branch of your favourite chain A&W!

They have a drive thru, washrooms, chairs and tables, everything you would expect from and A&W.

Here is a picture of a nice car from this a&w:

oh there we go! it seems from my research people with restored cars hang out here so i guess this review may be worthwhile if you wish to find out where people meet that own nice old cars.


Maybe the review was worth it after all!

A&W on Urbanspoon

What foods do Canadians miss when they leave Canada?

On a trip back to the UK I proceeded to reacquaint myself with snacks from yesteryear that are not available in Canada ...unless you take a trip to a british store and pay a hefty mark up. 

Got me wondering again, apart from Tim Horton's what do Canadians miss when they're out of Canada? If the adverts have you believe then Molsen is something Canadians around the world reunite about but I think that more them trying to push it than it being a real fact or am I wrong? 

Anyhow if you ever get to Britain eat these snacks they're wicked :-) 

(and in no way good for you especially the deep fried pork fat in the bottom picture) 

Hazelnuts Win - Nut Ranking what's your 1 2 3 ?

Took a trip to a hazelnut farm in Agassiz recently and it was pretty darn good if you're a hazelnut fan like myself. It was all part of the circle farm tours which was great fun, free and self guided!

Basically these nuts are the top of the charts in the worldwide nut ranking system (a system that is renowned and 100% in my head). Second is pistachio and then probably cashew tight for third.

Then the usual rabble follow behind; pecan, peanut, coconut! etc etc probably last is walnut unless with a cheese! So I pondered and wanted to ask the internet, what's you nut ranking? top three in order please.

Anyhow this deli part of the farm had the usual furor of nut based snacks from hazelnut butter to chocco spread (it's like ferrero roche'!). The bar nut version was great and we fully stocked up on my favourite nut. If you're ever in the area do the tour it's worth it and if you love hazelnuts then you only really need to stop here!

Find more info on the circle farms tours which I highly recommend here 


Map here 


And the nuts are number 2 on the tour 

Turned my dog into a GIF

How to Hurdle

I reckon if he could just perfect his knocking over technique he might be in with a chance as he really got the lead of the rest of them.

Has anyone ever tried that or is it just not cricket?!!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What's with all the sloths.......who cares

Noticed a lot of sloths filling up the online world of late, nothing to grumble about as there isn't much to dislike from my perspective!
Live slow

Monday, November 18, 2013

Artisan Eats Cafe & Fine Foods - Bowen Island

Cracking little find on the island, really delicious food, I had a great duck and pear pannini, truffle fries, wife had a ham and cheese pannini equally delicious and we also added a fantastic golden beetroot and feta salad.
The only gripe would be the service could be a little more attentive especially as there were three servers and it wasn't busy. Shame really, one guy was great but the other two seemed non plussed!
Anyhow if you're in the area go, the food was well worth it.
Baby not included
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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Nights

Sunday nights are generally pretty repetitive affair watch the last game,  dinner, tv and feel guilty about all the things I haven't done that weekend.

Time for a change though, I've really started looking forward to the week ahead. As stupid as that sounds it's all about perspective and I know I should always be positive generally I am but it takes a big shift to do that when you're so used to the routine!

For some reason that negative Sunday night was a real habitual thing!

Here's to happy Sunday night's

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Chocolate Tofino review

Wasn't great weather as you can tell but don't let cold ruin the enjoyment of ice cream!

Worth a stop, we sampled a few choccos and then got stuck in on nice double scoop treat, a decent selection of good icecream just a shame they had run out of waffle cones.

I also should mention check out the food truck at the back of the car park for some excellent tacos.

Chocolate Tofino on Urbanspoon

Tofino Sunsets

Sorry just found these from a trip last year, I thought they had been published!
Just a few snaps from beautiful Tofino of the sunset on the beach. If you haven't been to Tofino I highly recommend a trip and take the dog they'll love the beach.


Friday, October 25, 2013

Ads from yesteryear

Sorry Been a while off having a life an all that!

Had these rather amusing ad's form yesteryear sent to me I thought I would share for your enjoyment.

My favourite would have to be the lard ad, straight to the point! 
Now stop your moaning and go eat some already.