Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Moody Ales

Epic find recently in my new hood!

Moody ales follows the recent trend of local breweries but I can highly recommend a visit, excellent little tasting room and the chocco oatmeal stout is a new regular for me.


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ass-Hat of the day - FedEx

It's rush hour everyone's getting home and this guy couldn't be bothered to park in the car park when delivering a package to the Denny's off north road.

So he parks in the right hand lane where it clearly says no parking around 3 meters from the corner blocking the road and making it really dangerous.

So here's your serving of online fame, well done douchebag your un-thoughtful behavior has lead to me posting.

Next time take two seconds out of your day to park in the proper designated car park like every other decent person does, it was only 10 ft. from where he actually parked but apparently that was too much for this ass-hat.
Regards your fellow rush hour commuters.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A&W Review Agassiz

Just saw this come up on Urbanspoon and I have to wonder who's reviewing a&w's??!!

So I thought I would have a go!!

Do you love A&W? then you'll love this A&W because it's a branch of your favourite chain A&W!

They have a drive thru, washrooms, chairs and tables, everything you would expect from and A&W.

Here is a picture of a nice car from this a&w:

oh there we go! it seems from my research people with restored cars hang out here so i guess this review may be worthwhile if you wish to find out where people meet that own nice old cars.

Maybe the review was worth it after all!

A&W on Urbanspoon

What foods do Canadians miss when they leave Canada?

On a trip back to the UK I proceeded to reacquaint myself with snacks from yesteryear that are not available in Canada ...unless you take a trip to a british store and pay a hefty mark up. 

Got me wondering again, apart from Tim Horton's what do Canadians miss when they're out of Canada? If the adverts have you believe then Molsen is something Canadians around the world reunite about but I think that more them trying to push it than it being a real fact or am I wrong? 

Anyhow if you ever get to Britain eat these snacks they're wicked :-) 

(and in no way good for you especially the deep fried pork fat in the bottom picture) 

Hazelnuts Win - Nut Ranking what's your 1 2 3 ?

Took a trip to a hazelnut farm in Agassiz recently and it was pretty darn good if you're a hazelnut fan like myself. It was all part of the circle farm tours which was great fun, free and self guided!

Basically these nuts are the top of the charts in the worldwide nut ranking system (a system that is renowned and 100% in my head). Second is pistachio and then probably cashew tight for third.

Then the usual rabble follow behind; pecan, peanut, coconut! etc etc probably last is walnut unless with a cheese! So I pondered and wanted to ask the internet, what's you nut ranking? top three in order please.

Anyhow this deli part of the farm had the usual furor of nut based snacks from hazelnut butter to chocco spread (it's like ferrero roche'!). The bar nut version was great and we fully stocked up on my favourite nut. If you're ever in the area do the tour it's worth it and if you love hazelnuts then you only really need to stop here!

Find more info on the circle farms tours which I highly recommend here 

Map here 

And the nuts are number 2 on the tour 

Turned my dog into a GIF

How to Hurdle

I reckon if he could just perfect his knocking over technique he might be in with a chance as he really got the lead of the rest of them.

Has anyone ever tried that or is it just not cricket?!!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What's with all the sloths.......who cares

Noticed a lot of sloths filling up the online world of late, nothing to grumble about as there isn't much to dislike from my perspective!
Live slow

Monday, November 18, 2013

Artisan Eats Cafe & Fine Foods - Bowen Island

Cracking little find on the island, really delicious food, I had a great duck and pear pannini, truffle fries, wife had a ham and cheese pannini equally delicious and we also added a fantastic golden beetroot and feta salad.
The only gripe would be the service could be a little more attentive especially as there were three servers and it wasn't busy. Shame really, one guy was great but the other two seemed non plussed!
Anyhow if you're in the area go, the food was well worth it.
Baby not included
Artisan Eats Cafe & Fine Foods on Urbanspoon

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Nights

Sunday nights are generally pretty repetitive affair watch the last game,  dinner, tv and feel guilty about all the things I haven't done that weekend.

Time for a change though, I've really started looking forward to the week ahead. As stupid as that sounds it's all about perspective and I know I should always be positive generally I am but it takes a big shift to do that when you're so used to the routine!

For some reason that negative Sunday night was a real habitual thing!

Here's to happy Sunday night's

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Chocolate Tofino review

Wasn't great weather as you can tell but don't let cold ruin the enjoyment of ice cream!

Worth a stop, we sampled a few choccos and then got stuck in on nice double scoop treat, a decent selection of good icecream just a shame they had run out of waffle cones.

I also should mention check out the food truck at the back of the car park for some excellent tacos.

Chocolate Tofino on Urbanspoon

Tofino Sunsets

Sorry just found these from a trip last year, I thought they had been published!
Just a few snaps from beautiful Tofino of the sunset on the beach. If you haven't been to Tofino I highly recommend a trip and take the dog they'll love the beach.


Friday, October 25, 2013

Ads from yesteryear

Sorry Been a while off having a life an all that!

Had these rather amusing ad's form yesteryear sent to me I thought I would share for your enjoyment.

My favourite would have to be the lard ad, straight to the point! 
Now stop your moaning and go eat some already.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Handsdown best beef ribs - Wilbur & Sabastian's Smokehouse & Bistro

OK ........should I say anything??......hmmmm..........I'm hesitant to give this one out as it's hands down the best find of recent weeks, it's very unassuming from the outside but as you can see from the pictures the food is stunning! Service was great and friendly. Inside the d├ęcor is pretty plain, not sure how long they have been in business but it was simple and did the job, just don't expect super fine dinning.

I would highly recommend this place if you love beef ribs but with the one caveat, don't all go when I am as I'd be gutted to wait any longer than we did! The beef rib was succulent and tasty without an overpowering smoked flavour. Crispy on the outside and juicy inside it was possibly the best beef rib I've ever had. 
We also had some home made veggie fries which were the perfect starter and both the rib plates came with a great coleslaw and beans equally as good. They also came served with home made chips (crisps) which I was hesitant about at first as I love a good serving of starch but these were the perfect thickness of crispy and with a bite.  There was some cornbread which I guess is traditional thing but as lovely as it was it's just not my sort of thing. Still if you like cornbread it definitely was good.

So in summary beef ribs and all the sides were spot on. 10/10 YUM Atmosphere and service were equally as good so if you get the chance GO!!

Pork ribs not mine but I'm reliably told they were good.

Yummy beef ribs with home made chips (we call them Crisps in the motherland)
Delicious veggie fries
Wilbur & Sabastian's Smokehouse & Bistro on Urbanspoon

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

YouTube, how is this appropriate?

I think I'm becoming far too conservative but was shocked this came up on the front page of YouTube today (I should note this is without signing in so no filters or history saved).

Are we now saying that it's ok for kids to be exposed to "don't whip your dick out?" seriously?! What are the filter setting at YouTube? I totally understand the suggestive pic and how that is hard to block but really the word dick is now socially acceptable for all and this is the top video on their homepage? This isn't some small specialist website that only a niche group of adults visits it's on the homepage of YOUTUBE!!

Off I go to my old man moaning place but seriously  if we society break the fabric of decency and decorum how low is the bar going to be for future generations?

anyway off I go......back in my day, people valued decorum .........yadda yadda yadda

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Criminal Clowns all is Forgiven

More fun now from Facebook adverts, apparently the insane clown posse are looking to repent for their sins, well maybe not but certainly get pardoned for their sins! No doubt this is effective in making people laugh and I guess getting attention but I think if you have either of these face decorations a pardon is the least of your worries.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

SOBO Tofino review

Sobo review, I'll keep it short but sweet - if you like Hazelnuts go here!!

Excellent yam salad (i think it had nuts in too!) and the tofu pockets were top notch. The fish tacos were ok but i'm not a huge fish taco eater so maybe i'm not the best judge!

The duck and hazelnut pizza too rich and oily for my liking but my fullness could have been a factor to my enjoyment! It needed more balsamic to cut thorough the richness, thankfully the excellent staff provided. We finished with a hazelnut chocco cookie, which my wife enjoyed and would recommend.

Service was great, atmosphere was great, all in all a nice little spot for lunch while on holiday.

I think we ate more hazelnuts in one sitting than the rest of the year combined! lucky we like hazelnuts

Fish taco

Delicious yam salad

Superb Tofu pockets

Duck and Hazelnut pizza

Jumbo Cookies
Sobo on Urbanspoon

Tragedy these days

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sexist Purex Advert - "women know your limits"

Am I the only one appalled with this toilet paper ad currently on air?   

My gripe is how this portrays women.

It's sexist to both men and women, men that they are not involved in 'homemaking' to use a possibly a demeaning term (sorry).

For women it is on two fronts 1) it’s their job to do the shopping and be the homemaker and 2) that it's right/normal for people to shout at them in a whining/barking way if something in their house is not to their liking.

Really have we not evolved to respect each other more??

Coming next from Purex "get back in the kitchen and make my dinner woman" !

Reminds me of the excellent Harry Enfield comedy sketch


Friday, March 29, 2013

Giancarlo Italian Deli

Well I was happily impressed with this one. Simple yet fantastic little sandwiches from the deli I couldn't recommend any higher the prosciutto sandwich with balsamic vinegar (lower pic) my wife had this and it was sublime. My mouth is salivating reminiscing.

Cute little cafe to stop and have a snack, make sure to browse the fantastic products while they make your sandwich. I really don't have much else to say, it did exactly what we expected and more! Great staff friendly and inviting, excellent big green olives on the side and San Pellegrino to wash it all down what more could you want from your Italian deli??

 GO there NOW!!
Giancarlo Italian Deli on Urbanspoon

Friday, March 8, 2013

Smokers need not apply

Not sure how I feel about this.

I was browsing the pretty funky site looking for some web design inspiration and noticed something in their jobs section, under the personal traits for a particular job…this one ……

They listed


  • Positive outlook on life and career
  • Ambitious + high achiever
  • Jumping-out-of-your-pants enthusiastic
  • Thirsty for personal growth
  • Appreciates good energy
  • Kind
  • LOVES people
  • Gets her/his high from high-fives
  • Non-smoker
  • Craves doing things their way, experiment, learn from mistakes, grow
  • Enjoys sports and leads a healthy lifestyle
  • Recycles
While I liked the youthful/creative approach to the job description and in particular this section, the one point that stood out like a sore thumb was Non-Smoker.

Everything else was about positive things and the good in the people, this one point was just very judgemental, in my judging opinion (yes I see the irony!). So if someone smoked they are out of the running? Are you even allowed to put this in a job posting? what about other things? No drug takers – no swingers - no pyromaniacs, the list could and possibly should go on if we are now saying it’s ok to request non-demographics of a personal preference.

The notion that you can judge a person by the fact they smoke disappoints me.
I used to smoke, does that mean that I used to be bad but now I am ok as a person/employee? Are the other qualities exclusive to non-smokers, Can I smoke and also LOVE people? Is smoking such a negative trait that I wouldn’t wait to associate with people because of it. Perhaps it disappoints me so much because I am disappointed in myself for smoking before and I don’t like others taking an opinion of me?

I know people state this elsewhere for example a rental listing, which makes sense, smoke stinks gets into things turns them yellow. To that logical extent why would you want a smoker working with you? passively killing you with their habit! Smoking is a selfish act by the smoker which affects others without them having a choice about it. So why shouldn’t the non-smokers have a choice about it??? 

It really does make logical sense,
I guess……………..…hmmmm…………..I might be converted here in my own conclusions.

Perhaps I’m being too harsh. I completely understand preferences and hey it’s their company, their position and they are paying money for it so they can do what they want!

I think I may be too judgemental but it resonates with something unnecessarily negative for me, something I can’t quite put my finger on!

Do we (as a society) say “no clinically obese people” allowed to apply in a Gym staff job description? Of course not (well perhaps they do in Canada? Sorry new immigrant here!).

So is it ok to say non-smoker? For me I’m afraid it’s still a no, illogical or not.

Does it matter if they smoke or not? To me no and I mean really, does it need to be stated in the job description?

..................................just fail them at the interview! (sarcasm)